13 Couples Art Activities That Are Better Than a Dinner Date

Marisa Mohi
6 min readNov 14, 2022

There’s nothing wrong with a dinner date. In fact, I really enjoy a nice trip to a restaurant where I eat food that someone else cooked on dishes that someone else will wash. But these couples art activities are great for when you want to try something new.

Full disclosure: My husband and I aren’t fine artists. So if you want a full-on boho art experience complete with hipsters in loft apartments and whatnot, this ain’t it.

But if you like to use art supplies and spend time with the person you love, these couples art activities are way better than those couples painting night events they have at bars. Though, getting a couples painting kit and bringing it home would definitely be fun.

Maybe you’ve searched couples art activities near me and found your options lacking. These couples art activities are a great way to spend some quality time on date night.

Couples Art Activities

Whatever you’re into, there’s an activity to try. So take a look at this list and see what tickles your fancy and fits in your date night budget.

001: Go on a photo walk.

I love the idea of a photo walk. All you need to do is grab your loved one and your phone. Then, hit the streets and take some pictures.

In Oklahoma City, there are tons of fun little districts to explore, and I think this would be a great way to see all the new murals and fun businesses that have opened up recently. Plus, when you’re done taking photos, you can pop into a restaurant and grab some dinner.

Of course, if you’d prefer, you could also take this photo walk through a park, walking trail, or around a lake. It all depends on the photos you want to snap!

And if you want some more ideas, take a look at the outdoor section of these super chill ideas for artist dates. All of these can be adapted for a date night.

002: Try a new recipe together.

Cooking can be a lot of fun when there are two of you and it’s a great way to do something with your hands while you have conversations.

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