Creating a Bullet Journal for Writers for Planning and Recording

Marisa Mohi
6 min readJan 4

It’s no secret that I love planners and planning. Hell, New Year is my favorite holiday and that is mostly because I get a new planner out of the deal. This year, I decided to get a little crafty with my planning system. So, let’s talk about my bullet journal for writers for planning and recording.

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There are tons of bullet journal writing ideas out there, and admittedly, my bullet journal is mostly for planning and not so much for writing. Though, it does exist to support a writing lifestyle.

We’ll get more into that later in the post. And of course, there’s a YouTube video featuring a flip through of my current setup, so keep reading to see it.

The Official Journaling for Writers Rules

There are none. And I honestly wish that was the end of this discussion.


Look. I know some of you will say you can’t have a bullet journal because you don’t know how to draw or you don’t have all the supplies you’d like to have.

(Please know that even people like me who are hoarding brush tip pens and scrapbook paper feel like they don’t have enough supplies. THERE IS NEVER ENOUGH.)

You don’t have to own all the art supplies to get started. A pen and a notebook will do a lot for you. Maybe some highlighters can support you on your quest. White Out is a girl’s best friend, but you can always scratch through mistakes.

And trust me when I say there is no perfect bullet journal out there. Sure, there are tons of people who focus on the aesthetic, but that isn’t sustainable. Plus, planning is a messy practice. So, you need to be able to make a mess in a notebook.

Whether you’re creating a novel writing journal or a notebook to track your progress or just a place to write down your schedule, you should do what works for you. And that is probably going to be messy and not fit with the perfect Instagram aesthetic.

Bullet Journal Ideas to Get You Inspired

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