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  • Devon Green

    Devon Green

    I suffer from burning curiousity and live to promote the quality of life in OKC. Wordslinger for the @OKGazette Trust me, I'm a writer.

  • Allyson Twiggs Dyer

    Allyson Twiggs Dyer

    Marketing Consultant | Personal Brand Builder | The Twiggs Group

  • Kim Ventrella

    Kim Ventrella

    Award-winning #MGlit author, freelance editor. Focused on fiction tips, publishing help, author business, #kidlit. More at:

  • Long Lost

    Long Lost

    πŸ“· Photography ✍🏻 Poetry I love coffee and taking long hikes through the wilderness

  • Kimberly Gasuras

    Kimberly Gasuras

  • Kasey Faur

    Kasey Faur

    Journalist | Photographer | Mama | Reader | Feminist | Aspiring Author | Subscribe to my newsletter at:

  • Mary Wimbley

    Mary Wimbley

    Co-writer of the Midnight Daze serial, coming soon to Wattpad! Tutor of all things tech & writing-related. Mom of 2 boys, 18 & 16. Total Monkeemaniac for life!

  • Jay Spring

    Jay Spring

    Co-Founder and Creative Director of The Bro Journal, outdoor enthusiast, and mindfulness buff. Oh yeah, and a second-rate writer β€”

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