How to Write a Lot of Words

Marisa Mohi
6 min readFeb 23, 2022

If you’re a writer, then you’ve probably wondered how to write a lot of words. I’m not saying it’s always your priority, but it’s probably something on your radar.

There are a lot of reasons why you may want to try to write a lot of words. And depending on the writing you do, it may make a lot of sense to get good at it.

I’ve talked about a lot of these tips before. And I do have some resources for if you want to know how to write fast, or how to write 10,000 words a day.

But in case you aren’t convinced, let me explain why learning how to write a lot of words may be good for you.

Why You May Want to Try to Write a Lot of Words

Notice I said “may want to try.” You don’t have to do this. And for some, writing is a thing they do for fun or to relax.

So if you’re one of those folks who reads posts like this one and goes off to write a think piece about how writing should be slow, power to you. That is literally not how the industry works anymore, but power to you.

For the rest of us, here’s some reasons you might want to try to write a lot of words.

001: Fast drafting.

I’m a fast drafter. I have to write a novel in under a month, or I just lose the plot. I’m not sure if this is a manifestation of neurodivergence or what. But it works for me.

So, if I can write a lot of words fast, then I can get the skeleton of a draft out of my head and into something I can work with.

I like fast drafting because it enables me to get a fully-formed story into the world. Then, I can edit it and add where I need to.

But for me, fast drafting requires being able to write a lot of words fast so the draft is out fast.

002: Rapid releasing.

One of the more popular marketing strategies for indie authors is rapid releasing. That’s where you release a book approximately every month.

Now, this is something that purists hate. There is much complaining about how it should take at least a year to write a book.

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