How to Write a Nonfiction Book in 30 Days

Marisa Mohi
6 min readAug 10, 2022

The night is dark and full of terrors, and so is the writing process. But, if you can push through the first draft quickly, it becomes easier to write because you forgo all the existential dread and impostor syndrome. When you know how to write a nonfiction book in 30 days, you simply don’t have time to second guess yourself.

Now, I’m not saying all nonfiction books can be written in 30 days. In fact, many cannot. Those 1,000-page text books from college? Absolutely not. Hell, even each individual chapter probably took about six months at least.

But, depending on the kind of nonfiction book you’re working on, you may be able to write it faster than you’d think. And knowing how to write fast can make the process so much more enjoyable.

Nonfiction Writing Challenge

If you want to know how to write a business book in 30 days, the answer is simple. You have to challenge yourself.

Sure, you may not be a huge fan of writing. Maybe you don’t enjoy it the way that others do. But if you want to write a nonfiction book, generally that means you know a topic really well and you want to share your expertise with the world.

So, how do you create a nonfiction writing challenge that enables you to get your book done?

It’s simple. You need to define the conditions that will work for you, and you need to create a deadline.

The conditions are how you’ll set up your days to make the writing happen, and the deadline is what keeps you beholden to the schedule.

And while it really is that simple, we can break it down a little more.

How to Write a Nonfiction Book in 30 Days

It’s not an easy to task to write a nonfiction book in a month. But if you want to take on the challenge, you need to know how to tackle it so you stay as productive as possible. Here are all the steps you need to take to make it happen.

001: Gather your research.

If you have notes and ideas about your topic, put it all in one place so you can access it easily. Figure out what you need and do some research to fill in the gaps.

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