Professional Development for Creatives

Marisa Mohi
7 min readJan 18

Most jobs require a certain amount of continued education to make sure you stay relevant in your field. But what if you work as a writer or blogger? What if you’re one of those people who is often referred to as a “creative?” Then you need to find some professional development for creatives to keep your skills sharp and up-to-date.

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Now, if we’re being honest, I don’t know a single creative person who isn’t constantly doing some form of professional development. Though, I’d argue, a lot of them don’t realize they’re doing it.

Most of the time they’re picking up skills so they can use a new software or start a multimedia project. Also, if you’re a creative person born after 1970, there’s a non-zero chance that you’ve never been able to find a job without picking up random skills to support your coworkers who claim to be too old to learn to do stuff.

So, you’re doing professional development all the time. But why should you make it a regular part of your life?

Career Success for Creative Introverts

I won’t list out the best certifications for creatives, mostly because I don’t know any. Also, for what it’s worth, I think the majority of certifications are money-making schemes. If they can make you feel like you’re lacking, they can make you pay absurd amounts for a piece of paper that says you can do a thing.

Know that I say that with the caveat that if your employer will pay for it, go ahead and get that certification. There’s nothing non-creative people love more than certifications as a way to prove you’re a valid and viable piece of human capital. And it could very well result in a raise.

There’s no shortage of training for creatives, and I’ve got some options listed down below of where you can find your next learning experience.

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