There Is No Reset Button In Life (But There Kind Of Is…)

Marisa Mohi
5 min readMay 17, 2022

Sometimes you just want to start over, but there is no reset button in life. At least, not a mechanical one you can hit when you want to make a big change.

But as you well know, I’m all about second chances and fresh starts and blank pages. There are very few things you can do in this life that you can’t recover from, though there are a few things for sure.

And while you can never go back to the start or relive years you feel you’ve wasted, you can always change course and do something else. It’s hard to remember that, especially when your brain will throw every sunk cost fallacy at you and try to get you to stay the course. And sometimes that makes sense. But not as often as people would have you think.

The reset definition we’re working with today is the one where you make stuff new or put everything back at square one. You can do it with your creative work, your physical space, your mindset, or like, anything you want.

So maybe you’re onboard with hitting the reset button, but maybe you’re not. Let’s talk about why you may think there is no reset button in life.

Why You May Think There Is No Reset Button In Life

Okay. There is no actual button. So like, in a sense, there is no reset button life.

And you can never go back in time or take away the consequences of an action. You can’t change something that happened in the past, and you can’t ever undo harm you may have caused.

But you can start over in a lot of ways. And while starting over won’t give you back the time you already put into something, it will let you make progress in the direction you want to.

When I was a kid, you weren’t allowed to quit stuff. Even if you hated it and the idea of doing the thing made your skin crawl. Adults told you that you’d come so far and if you didn’t do it, you’d miss it. This was used for sports or activities, and people acted like that was true.

But it’s not.

It’s a great way to get someone to keep doing something they hate because they may miss something…that they actively hate. It makes no sense. I think the logic was, “Oh, you hate this? Well you…



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